This family history website contains a record of the ancestors and descendants of John Durie. Born in 1846 in Morham, Haddintonshire, Scotland, John made his living as a joiner. He married Jane Tear in Edinburgh in 1867 and the couple had eleven children before John died in 1891 at the age of 43.

The information here is based mainly on the memories and research of John’s grandchildren and great grandchildren. It is intended for those of his descendants who want to know more about their family origins. It is also, hopefully, for our more distant Scottish cousins who might benefit from or add to our knowledge.

The People section of this site contains information about members of the Durie family, including biographical sketches, photographs, census records, and civil registration certificates. In accordance with our Privacy Policy no information on living relatives is posted on this site. The Places section describes many of the regions, towns, neighbourhoods, and houses where family members lived and in some instances where they are buried. The Historical Context section attempts to portray something of the world these family members inhabited and includes links to relevant sites for those who want to know more.

The John Durie Family website is a resource for all family members, near and far. We invite your contributions and welcome your comments, suggestions or additional material.


We would particularly like to acknowledge the enormous contribution of Jessie Dunbar to the research behind this website.