Partial Transcript

Civil Parish of Yester, Village of Gifford
No. of Schedule ROAD, STREET, &c., and No. or NAME of HOUSE. Inhabited Houses NAME and Surname of each Person. RELATION to Head of Family. CONDITION AGE [Gender] Rank, Profession, or OCCUPATION. WHERE BORN. Whether

  1. Deaf and Dumb
  2. Blind
  3. Imbecile or Idiot
  4. Lunatic
Number of Children from 5 to 13 attending School or being educated at Home. Rooms with One or more Windows.
50 Gifford Bridge-end 1 Jane Durie Head Married 23 F Farmer’s Wife Dunbar, East Lothian 2
John Durie Son 2 M Haddington, East Lothian
Gilbert Durie Son 10 mo. M Haddington, East Lothian

Research Notes

It seems that John Durie the elder was away from home on the night of the census.