Partial Transcript

Civil Parish of Lasswade: Loanhead Ward       Parish of Loanhead       School Board District of Lasswade       Parliamentary Constituency of Midlothian


No. of Schedule ROAD, STREET, &c., and No. or NAME of HOUES. HOUSES inhabited Rooms with One or more Windows NAME and Surname of each Person Number of Persons in House RELATION to Head of Family AGE (last birthday) [Gender] Single, Married, Widower or Widow Duration of Marriage Children Born Alive Children Still Living Personal Occupation Industry or Service Employer, Worker, or on Own Account If Working at Home BIRTHPLACE
214 1 Ramsay Square 1 2 Gilbert Durie 8 Head 40 M Widr Colliery Inspector (Underground) Worker Haddington, Haddington
Jessie Durie Daughter 19 F S Midlothian, Penicuik
Jane Durie Daughter 17 F S Cutter Girl Paper Making Worker Midlothian, Penicuik
Gilbert Durie Son 14 M S Brake Boy (Below Ground) Colliery Worker Midlothian, Lasswade
James Durie Son 12 M School Midlothian, Lasswade
Joseph Durie Son 8 M School Midlothian, Lasswade
Isabella Durie Daughter 6 F School Midlothian, Lasswade
Agnes Durie Daughter 3 F Midlothian, Lasswade