Partial Transcript

1929 Deaths in the Parish of Penicuick in the County of Midlothian
No. Name and Surname. Rank or Profession, and whether Single, Married, or Widowed. When and Where Died. Sex. Age. Name, Surname, and Rank or Profession of Father. Name, and Maiden Surname of Mother. Cause of Death, Duration of Disease, and Medical Attendant by whom certified. Signature & Qualification of Informant, and Residence, if out of the House in which the Death occurred. When and where Registered, and Signature of Registrar.
44 Jane Widow of John Durie 1929 October Twelfth 3h 30m AM F 81 Years John Tear Janet Tear Auricular Fibrilations Gilbert Durie
Son (present)
1929 October 12th
Durie Foreman Joiner Loanburn, Penicuik Gamekeeper
MS Hunter
As certified by Charles W Badger MBCS 173 McArlin Street, Townshead, Glasgow At Penicuik