Partial Transcript

1894. Marriages in the Parish of Penicuik in the County of Midlothian
When, Where, and How Married. Signature of Parties.

Rank or Profession, Whether Single or Widowed, and Relationship (if any).
Age. Usual Residence. Name, Surname, and Rank or Profession of Father.

Name, and Maiden Surname of Mother.
If a regular Marriage, Signature of officiating Minister and Witnesses. If irregular, Date of Conviction, Decree of Declarator, or Sheriff’s Warrant. When and where Registered, and Signature of Registrar
1894 on the First day of June at 2 Manderston Place, Shottstown, Penicuik

After Banns according to the norms of the Church of Scotland

(Signed) Alexander Wilson
Ironstone Miner
21 12 Leslie Place
Shottstown, Penicuik
Alexander Wilson
Ironstone Miner
Margaret Wilson
M.S. Anderson
(Signed) H.B. Strong
Minister of Glencorse

(Signed) John Morgan, Witness
Isabella Durie, Witness

1894 June 4th at Penicuik

John Alexander, Registrar.

(Signed) Jane Durie
Domestic Servant
20 2 Manderston Place
Shottstown, Penicuik
John Durie
Joiner (Journeyman)
Jane Durie
M.S. Tear

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